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The Importance of Home Inspection

So you've found the house that is perfect for you! Ready to make an offer and move in... Should you have a home inspection? YES! It is not mandatory of course, however we would always recommend it. Here's why:

A home inspections is like a doctor's check up - an assessment of a home’s condition. Performed by a professional licensed inspector can reveal hidden and deferred maintenance issues, as well as severe substandard structural problems. It can give you a chance to review your decision about the purchase in light of the findings.

The inspector should thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior features of the home, including internal systems. Here is what you should expect to have inspected:

● Electrical system

● Plumbing system

● Heating and cooling systems

● Walls, ceiling and flooring

● Windows and doors

● Roofing

● Foundation

● Basement

● Attic

● Insulation

Based on the findings, the inspector may recommend additional specific inspection of one or more particular system(s). As the general inspection will give you an idea of a house’s overall condition, yet it might not uncover hidden problems such as pests, mold or asbestos. The general inspector may recommend additional specific inspection of one or more systems, like sewer, septic tanks and wells.

You can also ask the Seller for a copy of the home’s CLUE report. Short for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, the report lists all the insurance claims filed for the home during the previous five to seven years: weather-related losses, fires, theft, vandalism and water damage are some of the types of claims listed. But the report doesn’t indicate what part of the property or home was affected. You’d need to ask the homeowner for those details.

Home inspections will often reveal flaws with a home that can be costly to repair.  If the home inspection finds something seriously wrong with the "perfect" home, here are your four options:

  • Negotiate a Credit with the Seller

  • Have the Seller Pay for Repairs Before Closing

  • Buy the Home As-Is

  • Walk Away from the Deal

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, make sure you do it with the fullest possible knowledge and with peace of mind :)

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