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Staging To Sell

A home should be presented for sale in the best possible light. A home that looks its best is more likely to sell faster and for a better price. Hiring a staging company is one way to go, but it could be expensive and not always possible. Luckily there are ways to "stage" your home with furniture that is already in it. The secret is to give the potential buyers an opportunity to imagine their "stuff" and their family living in the home. Making your home look most neutral will help potential buyers achieve that.

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for the market and staging it in the way that gives potential buyers that chance:


Put out new welcome mat

Check doorbell and replace light bulbs

Clean and/or repaint front door

Sweet walkway


Eliminate clutter

Clear out closets

Neutralize and depersonalize

Replace burned out light bulbs


Touch up or repaint walls, trims and ceilings

Clean or replace old carpeting

Clean curtains, shutters and blinds

Clean fireplace and mantle

Update decor - throw pillows, bedspreads, towels

Kitchen and Baths

Declutter counters

Clean out cabinets, drawers and pantry

Clean appliances inside and out

Clean, repair or replace faucets and fixtures


Wash windows and screens

Trim trees, hedges and shrubs

Weed and maintain the lawn

Make necessary repairs

Before Each Showing

Clear off counters and tables

Pick up toys and clutter

Make beds

Make sure home smells inviting

Turn on lights

A staged home makes a simple statement: it is ready to be moved into! Now that potential buyers can visualize themselves in it, they have a stronger incentive to make an offer!


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